Snag Films Movie Online Joker

Casts Frances Conroy.
duration 122m.
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PS- Rest assured after watching, you won’t feel the need to take a gun and start a massacre as these critics labelled it to be. you will feel that is what ultimately the film wanted.
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Words need not describe the Masterpiece Todd Philips and the tour-de-force named Joaquin Phoenix created for the the visuals the score to most importantly Phoenix’s unabashed Acting, this film is a strong pointing finger at the society’s negligence towards mental illness and the Ill effects it ultimately creates both at the community and the person. beautifully portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, the audience doesn’t need an explanation to understand the theme, but solely through this one man’s the protagonist loses his sanity one frame at a time, so does the film, finally culminating in a climax tying into the mythology so established by the Comics it based thus is where the critics got it all wrong. wrongfully labelled PRO GUN VIOLENCE propaganda piece without any substance, they have tore this film with negative reviews, even preaching the audience to stay away from it humble advice as a fellow movie goer… please ignore those “personal” opinion of these so called “reviewers. see for yourself…

Joker continues in the DC vein, and hats off to Warner Bros for swinging for the fences with a film like this. It’s a bold choice, but unfortunately it also falls short of said fence. At time of writing it has a 9.4 rating here and that is way, way to generous. This is a 7 rated film at best.
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DC has gone for that “gritty” dark style as opposed to Marvel’s bright and colourful style. One outcome is that DC films have become dour affairs, and another is that Marvel films are very superficial when it comes to characters.

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Joaquin Phoenix is great as the titular character. The overall story is good, if a bit hardcore, at least compared to most comic book movies. This really isn’t a comic-book movie, despite having notable comic book characters. It’s a very realistic take on the origins of the Joker, and on that note it’s a great effort.
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