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Duration 1 H 53 Minute.
user rating 6,9 of 10.
Jan de Bont.
Rating 164543 vote.
countries USA





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This movie is terrible. That’s really about as much a review as this film deserves but I’ll give more anyway – if you like watching this film then you are the kind of masochist who would keep reading this review.
I saw this in the theater with a bunch of women I worked with. I managed to convince all of them to go see this (I was greatly looking forward to this after loving director Jan de Bont’s first film “Speed” instead of the film they wanted to see. The Truth About Cats and Dogs.”
After the movie, I wanted to crawl in a hole. I felt horrible for subjecting my co-workers to this nonsensical mess. To my surprise, during the credits the woman next to me said “Wow, that was great. Thanks for suggesting it” I looked dismayed and asked “what was this about? to which she gleefully replied “tornados. I may have wasted my 7 but at least I wasn’t a pariah.
So if all you demand of your movie going is that it be about “tornados” I suppose you might enjoy this. This effects are phenominal and maybe even worth watching on the big screen. I rented the film when it first came out on video to see if it was as bad as I remember and decided “yes, and it’s even worse on TV” where the effects are reduced from giant computer generated storms 50 feet across to nothing more dangerous than a sneeze on a 25″ screen.
I love disaster movies, I have been a Jan de Bont fan since he was DPing the films of John McTeirnan and Paul Verhoeven and I have read everythiing Michael Crichton ever wrote, so this is a film that should have appealed to me. But bad dialogue, bad plotting, non (not even 1) dimensional characters and a complete lack of logic will ruin even the greatest of popcorn movies.


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I am a huge Michael Crichton fan ever since Jurassic Park, Timeline, and The Lost World. After watching this movie I saw a Michael Crichton novel brought to life. Every character is fleshed out and memorable from Dusty to Beltzer and Bill. If you are a Michael Crichton you will love this movie. This movie is well acted by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. The scenarios they are in a very realistic with real tension there and as well some moments where there are character moments. This movie makes you feel for them and feel like part of the group. Twister has beautiful visual effects by ILM and they still hold up today. I was surprised when I saw the score for the movie as a 6.1. I give this movie a 10/10. A great 90’s movie to watch.

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