The Florida Biology and Evolution of Society class are part of the pre-biology core curriculum. For many courses it’s the first class they take in the pre-biology class, so it can be a bit intimidating for many first-time students. Luckily, the teach

I found this to be very helpful because I really didn’t understand anything going on. Sometimes there are other lessons going on, but it’s good to understand it all at once.

The professor explained the concept of EOC and how that relates to the science course. Most of the classes will cover similar concepts from biology, but the way that they are taught is different. In the EOC, the student is given the material for a lesson and is expected to work through it. The students will then discuss their topics in an exam. You’ll want to pay attention to the textbook because most textbooks give very finance research proposal topics little detail, so it helps to read the lecture notes.

I learned a lot from the Florida Biology EOC class. While it was difficult for me to understand at first, the professor explains concepts clearly and you can always take additional lessons at the end. Although I was not an EOC student, I’m a good listener and an extra lesson helped me a lot. It helped me understand the material better. Overall I found the class very useful and I think it’s great for a pre-biology class.