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List “maternal” address list Add to the list: liste_maternellefreinet.fr reserved for those on the “mother” forum Register This list is for teachers who are currently in kindergarten and who wish to exchange their practices so that each advance in its class building “Freinet”. A watchful eye on the practices of comrades is provided.

Register on the list: contact the manager (give your name, email) Management Send command: sympafreinet.fr (put “HELP” in the header of the message to receive the list of commands) Manage Up: version
ICEM Congress is held every two years in August. This is an opportunity to discover the Freinet pedagogy, to expose and share their work, to co-form.

Congress ICEM 2019 ICEM congress in Angers in August 2019 to present practices, exchange, will co-develop. Congress ICEM 2017 ICEM Congress in Grenoble in August 2017 reports. Congress ICEM 2015 ICEM Congress in Aix-en-Provence in August 2015 reports.

Congress ICEM 2013 ICEM Congress in Caen in August 2013: reports. View of Congress next appointment Print
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The mathematical creation (also called free mathematical debate) is a learning technique based on free math productions of children (sometimes called creamaths) based on features, points, numbers and signs. It is practiced in class half group and therefore requires an autonomous work of other students.

This is, after observing time to conduct a debate in which the teacher · e has a special place to express all children as freely as possible, ask them about what they say, return questions to the group, allow them to return to testing phases or handling, do speak again … View more content on mathematical creation Video: math creations. A video work from mathematical creations to school Patrick Labarriere (56).

Free mathematical debate Interview with Monique Quertier on the natural method of mathematical Paul Le Bohec: free math debate. The mathematical creation A simple explanation of what mathematical creation by Remi Jacquet. Mathematics MN (2001) Respect for the individual approach in natural method of math. or how the child constructs his knowledge. Rostrenen Workshop (2014) A workshop on mathematical creations during the course of Rostrenen.

The geometric creation Another example of classroom practice. The math free text A brochure to understand and implement the mathematical free text, by Paul Le Bohec. For math MN. A brochure on mathematical creation, free research, trial and error, the living …

The math calculation creation. A DVD collective to analyze the natural method of mathematical Monique Quertier implements in its class. View more content on the mathematical design Print
The literature helps provide children questions to his questions.

It must be based on actual documentation within the reach of students, in full autonomy, which is not usually the case, without being infantile.

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